The stormwater buffering solution

Cities are being increasingly confronted with a lot of rain in a short time. All that rainwater has to be discharged to prevent urban flooding. The Bufferblock is a solution for stormwater drainage and buffering in the urban area. The function is similar to that of infiltration crates, but because of the high strength a much thinner top layer is needed. This results in a less deep installation depth, higher buffering capacities and a more cost-effective solution.

Stormwater enters trough a permeable pavement/road or through a street gully in the cavities of the Bufferblocks, after which the water infiltrates into the soil or is redirected. The Bufferblocks have a water storage capacity of 250 to 500 liters per square meter and can resist heavy traffic loads.

The test set up at the Green Village has been installed to test the prototype and the functionality with a focus on sinking of the road, pearmeability and storage capacity

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