Circular economy

From a linear to a circular society

Today’s economic model exists of a take, make and dispose industry, where the economy relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy. In order to save our planet we have to rethink and redesign our future and create a circular economy to solve future shortages of finite resources. All new or redesigned products and concepts arise as the products made out of waste. New technologies based on nature’s principles, switch from selling home appliances towards selling a service and make use of simple and harmless materials instead of chemicals.

Courtesy of Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Research and innovation projects
Various partners are involved in innovations related to Circular Economy. One of the projects is the Glass Masonry Bridge, that researches how to build with circular materials as glass instead of concrete. Other parties are involved in developing and testing circular economy in a wider perspective, for example to close the plastic material cycle together with civilians.

Facilities at The Green Village
The Green Village will facilitate and host various projects and innovations related to working and living space. The underground lying infrastructure as the living and office lab allows researchers, engineers and developers to connect their products and test-setups in a ‘plug and play’ manner. Hereby the focus is not only on the technical functioning in the system, but also to interfere and get feedback from actual users who live, work and participate at The Green Village.