Smarter and greener buildings for better living

The way we construct and use our buildings needs to change. Climate adaptation, the energy transition circularity are the main future challenges. New technology will help to solve these challenges. Like using bio based plastics to 3D print a house, or using windows to generate electricity. And with a heat pump collecting heat and store it to cool or warm your house. With Intelligent systems you can interact with your house, personalizing the lighting and climate systems.



Research and innovation projects

The Green Village facilitates and host various projects and innovations related to working and living space. The living lab currently provides four modular built student homes and one single-family home. These houses serve as a testbed for integrated innovations such as new products for façade renovation, PV and climate systems or new applications of green.

Facilities at The Green Village

The Green Village provides a few testbed buidlings, in which all kinds of innovations can by built and installed, such as the Living Lab testbeds (4 student appartments), the Office Lab (office building) and the Prêt-à-loger-home. The infrastructure at The Green Village includes a DC-network, basic facilities for drinking water and a small pipeline for sewage, to which several buildings are connected.  Another concept, related to the working environment, is being developed, the Co-Creation Centre.

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