IPHE Student Infographic Challenge

Help to develop an engaging infographic about hydrogen and fuel cells

IPHE (International Partnership for Hydrogen and fuel cells in the Economy) is launching the IPHE Student Infographic Challenge. They are calling on secondary and post-secondary students around the world to apply their research-, design- and communications skills to develop an engaging infographic and share the word about the role of hydrogen and fuel cells in a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for all. The Challenge is an opportunity for students to explore the hydrogen and fuel cells field while creating a project that will help them make connections with other students, hydrogen and fuel cell advocates, scientists and engineers. So are you a student and do you want to apply your skills to develop an engaging infographic about this topic? Sign up for the challenge!

Entries will be accepted on a rolling basis with two submission rounds. Round 1 submissions are due by July 31, 2020. Round 2 submissions are due by October 8, 2020.

More information about the IPHE Infographic Challenge can be found here.